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COMPUGUEST by Suboro World Wide Systems, Inc.

Suboro World Wide Systems, Inc. is a premier service provider in the hotel and travel industry. Through Suboro’s CompuGuest program, hotel’s guests will get high speed Internet access in an “ASP Format”. Suboro World Wide Systems, Inc. has teamed up with VeriCenter Inc., Cisco, Microsoft and Citrix to provide a world class system. CompuGuest utilizes Microsoft Office and other software programs that are in demand by traveling businessmen. The system also provides entertainment and recreational programs for the vacation or pleasure traveler. 

CompuGuest will be found in major hotels throughout the world. It will be available in each hotel room for the privacy of the hotel guest. Some of the features it offers are: Internet access; hotel and concierge information; Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; entertainment and recreational applications; printing; and online purchasing. A handsome thin terminal, including a comfortable full-size keyboard and scrolling mouse, will be in every room taking up virtually no space.

The CompuGuest system is leased to hotels at 100% of cost, making it a minimal expense for hotels. Based on our projections, a hotel can improve its bottom line substantially as it is an opportunity to increase revenues and profit with no investment up front. Hotel guests will be pleased with the Internet speed and programs provided. They will gladly pay up to another 20% in charges for this well equipped room. Yet the hotel has only minimal additional costs per room to offer this system.

For more information please click HERE to visit the Suboro website.

If you are a Hotel Owner, Manager, or Purchasing Agent please do not hesitate to contact us to send you additional information. Please call us directly at 561-338-3371 or email us info@associatedleasing.net.


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